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About this blog

My name is Francesc Cebrià and I am a biologist and professor at the University of Barcelona. I do research on a fascinating animal: freshwater planarians. You can cut these small flatworms in as many pieces as you want and each tiny piece will regenerate a whole animal in very few days. Planarians and some cnidarians show amazing regenerative capabilities as they can regenerate the whole body from a piece of them. But many other animals including some insects, annelids, axolotls, newts, lizards and zebrafish can regenerate many organs and complex structures such as heart, jaws, lenses, tails and limbs. In this blog I will keep you posted on the most recent research on this amazing biological process that is regeneration.


  1. Baldscientist says:

    Hi Francesc! I know you must have seen them already, but are you planning to write something about the three recent nature papers (Agata, Newmark, Rink groups) on the “recovery” of the regeneration abilities by usually non-regenerating planarians? I think this is very exciting and a summary of this will definitively be included in my book. I was thinking to write a short blog post on that but I wanted to defer to you because it is your thing…. Please let me know.




  2. elana says:

    Hello! Great blog, it’s a very interesting topic. I’ve done a post on lizard tail regeneration too, though not sure how accurate it is 🙂


  3. Baldscientist says:

    Saludos Francesc, felicidades for tu blog! Un abrazo, Oné


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