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One year of “Regeneration in nature”

Just one year ago I started this blog on regeneration in nature. After 20 years working on planarian regeneration (since I was an undergraduate in 1993), writing papers, attending to meetings and fulfilling my academic obligations (at both levels, teaching and administrative, that since 2006) I felt myself with the need to do something different. The idea of writing a blog had been in my mind since long ago; however, I was undecided on what to write about: science, politics, social issues or personal thoughts (whatever that means). At the end, I decided to write about regeneration because on one side, the study of regeneration has made me a scientist and, on the other, it has offered me the opportunity to go through important vital experiences such as living in Okayama (Japan) and Urbana (USA) which have influenced somehow how I am nowadays. So, in many aspects, and as it happens to most of us, what we do influences on how we are and, the other way around, how we are influences on what we do. And at some point it is difficult to establish what is a cause and what is a consequence. Therefore, I felt in debt with regeneration so I decided to start this blog to share my passion for this biological phenomenon with as many people as possible. One year later I feel really happy with this blog. As many of you know I post my comments on Thursdays and I must say that many weeks I am really eager that that day arrives.

But a blog is nothing without its readers so I would really like to thank all of you that regularly visit this blog (80 people are already subscribed and therefore receive an automatic e-mail every time a new post is published) or just hit it by chance and stay few minutes reading some of the posts. And I really appreciate readers such as Oné Pagan (follow his blog at and Jaume Baguñà for their often comments to my posts. I hope that you keep visiting this blog, enjoying the posts, learning about regeneration and, if you have few minutes do not be shy and just comment on any of the posts you like or you do not like. It is only with your help and implication that this blog can become a two-direction or multi-direction communication and discussion channel.

Here you can see some stats of the 12,383 views that this blog has had during its first year.


Thank you very much again and as Oné often says in his blog: “Stay tuned”.



  1. This has been brilliant so far! I always learn something even when you write about our work! Thanks for sharing your insight and for the time and care you have put into your blog.


  2. Andras Simon says:

    I will stay tuned! Great work, Francesc!


  3. Congratulations on the first year of your fine blog, and thank you for your kind words… To many more years!


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Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

I am a Biologist and Professor at the University of Barcelona. I do my research on a fascinating animal: freshwater planarians. You can cut them in as many pieces as you want and each piece will regenerate a complete new flatworm in very few days. In this blog I will keep you updated on the latest news on the field of animal regeneration. You will be able to follow the latest research on how planarians, axolotls, newts, cnidarians and other animals are able to regenerate parts of their bodies

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