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Summer break

Just a short note to inform you that I will be taking a summer break in the following weeks. A few months have already passed since I started this blog and I must say that it has been a very gratifying experience. Thank you very much to all of you that regularly follow this blog or occasionally read some of my posts. And also, thank you very much for your comments on the issues discussed. I will be back in September, after attending the 2nd European Meeting on Planarian Biology to be held in Dresden (, with renewed energy to keep posting about this fascinating process of regeneration in nature.


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Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

I am a Biologist and Professor at the University of Barcelona. I do my research on a fascinating animal: freshwater planarians. You can cut them in as many pieces as you want and each piece will regenerate a complete new flatworm in very few days. In this blog I will keep you updated on the latest news on the field of animal regeneration. You will be able to follow the latest research on how planarians, axolotls, newts, cnidarians and other animals are able to regenerate parts of their bodies

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