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2nd European Meeting on Planarian Biology

The registration for the 2nd European Meeting on Planarian Biology that will be held in Dresden, September 1-4, 2013 is now open. If you are a freak of planarian regeneration, are willing to know more about these amazing animals or are looking for an excellent model to start your own research on regeneration, visit the meeting website at . The most updated research on the field of planarian regeneration will be presented in a friendly atmosphere that should help to keep building planarians as an attractive model in which to study regeneration.


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Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

Francesc Cebrià

I am a Biologist and Professor at the University of Barcelona. I do my research on a fascinating animal: freshwater planarians. You can cut them in as many pieces as you want and each piece will regenerate a complete new flatworm in very few days. In this blog I will keep you updated on the latest news on the field of animal regeneration. You will be able to follow the latest research on how planarians, axolotls, newts, cnidarians and other animals are able to regenerate parts of their bodies

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